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Artistic talent and creative expression are key to our collections. So is craftsmanship, as we constantly tailor our traditions to reflect the evolving needs of our customers. These characteristics all can be found in our teams that Design, Plan, and Develop the garments for our collections.

The majority of these teams are based at our offices in Italy and Switzerland. Our Made to Measure ambassadors, however, can be found around the globe, due to the personal nature of this service. Whether based in Milan or our New York store, these teams work together so that our brand speaks with a single creative voice. They also collaborate to guarantee our products possess the excellence, innovation, and attention to detail our customers expect.

Recent Positions

Pursue your path to excellence as a part of our team.

Design Studio
The Design Studio is an ongoing experimental laboratory where we merge our DNA and heritage with an effortlessly modern aesthetic, resulting in collections that reflect the evolving needs of our clients.
Design & Research
Zegna was founded on beautiful fabrics that interwove tradition with innovation. This legacy continues today with our Textile Design & Research team, who push the boundaries of textile design to create luxurious and increasingly sustainable materials.
Product Management
Our Product Management team sits at the intersection of creativity and production. They are key to ensuring that our attention to quality, innovation and detail is felt by all our customers, and can be found across all aspects of our collection portfolio.
Corporate Merchandising
Our Corporate Merchandising team plays a key role in defining the structure and core offer of our collections. Through research, analysis and an ongoing dialogue with the markets, they provide Collection Coordinators with essential insight into local trends, sales analysis, and our customers, which informs everything from creative direction to the collection grid. The result is a collection that constantly adapts to the needs of the customer while ensuring alignment with our brand’s overarching vision and strategy.
Made to
Measure & Bespoke
Our Made to Measure & Bespoke teams help to define the sartorial identity of our customers. Through our international network of craftspeople, coordinators, promoters, and specialists, we’re able to create garments that respond to our customers’ lifestyles. Thanks to a team that possesses the pinnace of technical knowledge and expertise, as well as a sensitive understanding of our customers, we’re able to create one-of-a-kind garments from the world’s most precious fabrics.

"In every role we’re called to contribute to Zegna’s ‘beauty’. Some create it, some develop it, some produce it, some distribute it and some sell it."

Teams in Zegna
Discover all our teams: who do everything, from bringing the artistry of our garments to life to providing the best customer service.
Production & Services
Marketing & Customer Experience
Sales Channels & Retail
Manage & Support

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