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Our Production & Services teams, which includes Technical Design, Production, and Operations, bring the artistry of our garments to life. These passionate and skilled individuals are responsible for the entire manufacturing and delivery process: from the careful construction of each piece, to how they are delivered to our customers.

Our apparel production teams create our ready to wear, made to measure, knitwear, and leather goods, producing garments according to our high quality standards and innovative processes and techniques.

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Technical Design
Following the creative direction of our design studio, our Technical Design teams begin the process of transforming artistic vision into garments. Using the high-quality, high-performance, sustainable fabrics produced by our Luxury Textile Laboratory Platform,our pattern makers skilfully transform garment designs into workable production patterns. These activities are complemented by our Engineering teams, who define production methods, capabilities, steps and timing to ensure that our collections meet our high standards and conform to defined constraints.
Through a through a considered combination of traditional craftsmanship and advanced technologies our Production teams are responsible for the manufacturing of our products, ensuring they adhere to the creative direction as well as our standards of excellence. This includes the precise, detail-driven cutters, the sewers who assemble, reinforce, and decorate our garments, the pressers who add finishing touches and prepare pieces for shipment, as well as the specialised shoe and leather experts who produce our accessories. These teams are supported by team coordinators who organise workflows, monitor productivity, as well as coordinate seasonal manufacturing and production processes, ensuring optimal quality, lead-time, costs, and delivery.
Our Operations teams support our entire production process by ensuring every article is in the right place at the right time, that the quality of our products is truly exceptional, and that our customers are thoroughly satisfied. The Purchasing team manages the acquisition, stock, costs, and delivery of materials. The Sourcing team manages relations with external providers, ensuring product quality and and service adheres to our high standards. The Planning team oversees everything once these materials are delivered, directing the production assignments of internal establishments and external suppliers to meet market delivery dates. This is supported by the Logistics team, who use their keen business acumen and an understanding of supply and demand to minimise stock holding across the various stages of our supply chain. The Logistic team is also responsible for the delivery of our finished garments. And at every stage of the process, the Quality Control team ensures excellence through their knowledge and application of the most demanding quality control methodologies, procedures, and standards. Our Customer Service team plays a very important role in our overall operations, making sure to provide the best customer experience and maintaining high standards in finding solutions to respond to the questions and concerns of our diverse clients around the globe.

"Every single person involved in the production and training processes makes you feel like a member of the team. I feel like I’m part of a strong family!"

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