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The Design Studio is an ongoing experimental laboratory where we merge our DNA and heritage with an effortlessly modern aesthetic that reflects the evolving needs of our customers. This team conceives, envisages, and defines trends to come up with an overarching concept, which is then translated across each of our collections. Working in the Design Studio requires creativity and a luxury sensibility, as well as intuition, innovation, multitasking, and organisational skills. It also requires a strong sense of teamwork, as each team member brings their unique and distinct perspective to the table, driving innovation and artistry, and must collaborate to meet demanding timelines and standards.

Recent Positions

"Working at Zegna means working in a surrounding with a strong link to the past, in which tradition and modernity are intertwined."

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Under the guidance and creative vision of the Artistic Director, as Head of Design you will use your skills to develop and manage all aspects of the design and creative output for a specific line or category. It’s a role that goes beyond artistry, as it requires you to inspire others with your expertise and passion as you lead them through complex processes and tight deadlines.


As a Senior Designer, you’ll work closely with the Head of Design to develop and realise seasonal concepts, merchandising line plans and business needs for categories. Driven by intuition and creativity, guided by strong time- and process-management skills, as well as a natural ability to facilitate teamwork and strong business partnerships, you will be responsible for overseeing the coordination of people and design delivery.


Our Junior Designers work in a dynamic, innovative environment that exposes them to a wide range of skills and sensibilities. Working amongst industry leaders, you’ll need to be hands-on, willing to learn, and possess solid technical skills in digital and hand-drawn graphic artistry.

Massimo, Head of Design EZ - Italy
“At Zegna, I have been encouraging myself and others to find a new, modern core for the brand, one within its codes but outside conventional design ideas and comfort zones. I believe in modern design with an artisanal approach. And I respect brands with a great heritage that are constantly innovating. That’s why I love Zegna. It’s quite extraordinary that Zegna is the only luxury menswear brand that is completely vertically integrated, from sheep to shop. It gives designers the unique opportunity to truly explore cross-category design with the best expertise.”
Julia, Senior Designer - Italy
“In menswear, the most important component of a garment is fabric. There isn’t a better place to work than Zegna. They are true artisans. Trust and respect are essential to a team. I rely on my colleagues to help us achieve a common goal. Everybody's work, whether big or small, is important within the team structure. I am grateful to work with talented, passionate individuals and am fortunate to have a manager that values and respects my contribution.”
Matteo, Leather Goods Designer - Italy
“When I joined Zegna, I was impressed by the incredible precision found in every single process of the company. Rigorous research, defined messages, nothing left to chance. It felt like every detail had its own story. My work is based on observation and research, plumbing the potential of shape and function, as well as going beyond the traditional relationships between fashion, art, and design. With its passionate interest for the old and the new, the traditional and the contemporary, Zegna is the place for me. You never stop learning at Zegna. Projects often contain unexpected scenarios and challenging milestones that require innovative problem-solving and teamwork."
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