Made to Measure & Bespoke

Our Made to Measure & Bespoke teams help to define the sartorial identity of our customers.

Through the international network of craftspeople, coordinators, promoters, and specialists that make up our Made to Measure service, we’re able to create garments that respond to our customers’ lifestyles. Each finished piece a true personal expression realised through the passion, knowledge, and skill of these teams.

Our Bespoke takes this one step further. By invitation only, it is the ultimate luxury experience. In a penthouse atop our flagship store in Milan, master tailors create one-of-a-kind garments from the world’s most precious fabrics. This small team possesses the pinnacle of technical knowledge and expertise, as well as a sensitive understanding of our customers so that each individual’s style can be woven into everything from the fabric to finishing touches.

Recent Positions

"I love telling people about the passion that can be found in one of our coats, the circa 150 hands that sew and iron with high professionalism to create such a unique product."

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Our MTM Promoters share our longstanding sartorial excellence with our customers by promoting MTM products and services through in-store visits, special events, and trunk shows. Following an extensive training programme at our offices in Switzerland, our MTM Promoters travel globally as ambassadors and in-store trainers. To become an MTM Promoter, you’ll need to be internationally-minded, have keen business acumen outstanding interpersonal skills and a passion for luxury craftsmanship and style.


As a MTM Collection Coordinator, you’ll be the point of reference for multiple teams and processes, from the Design and Supply Chain teams to the MTM Promoters and Specialists who directly interact with clients. Overseeing people and operations, you’ll need strong interpersonal, organisational, and analytical skills to keep information and individuals moving, as well as an understanding of the market to ensure that the collection is developed according to local trends and client needs.


MTM Specialists are the in-store ambassadors of our Made to Measure service. They interact directly with our clients, fostering relationships by sharing our impeccable tailoring and craft. If you possess strong interpersonal skills, a true sartorial passion, and entrepreneurial thinking, a role as an MTM Specialist may be the right fit for you.


Our Bespoke Tailors offer the ultimate luxury, a one-of-a-kind garment that weaves a client’s style into everything from the fabric to the finishing touches. To craft these exceptional garments, you’ll need to possess the pinnacle of technical knowledge and expertise. You’ll also need to be understanding and personable, as a tailor is responsible for discerning a client’s needs and wishes into each garment.

Edoardo, MTM Coordinator - Italy
“I love the cross-cultural environment at Zegna. As a MTM Promoter, I was able to travel to China for a few months. It was an amazing, formative experience for me. Zegna is a global family, which means you have the opportunity to grow internationally. I started my career at Zegna as a MTM Promoter in Switzerland. After a few years, I was promoted to MTM collection coordinator, and I was recently appointed sales manager in Canada and will be moving to Toronto soon. It’s another new chapter in my Zegna career, one that I’m excited to begin.”
Daniel, Regional MTM Specialist - Latin America
“As a Regional MTM Specialist in Latin America, I travelled through Mexico, Panama, Colombia, Chile and Honduras managing training and trunk shows. It has been a great experience because of the places and people that I have known. I love what I do because I have the opportunity to see the two ‘worlds’ of Zegna, the office and the boutiques.  It means that I get to work with a variety of people and share the things I’m passionate about. I want others to have the same opportunity for learning that I had so that they fulfil their goals and dreams.”
Michele, MTM Specialist – USA
“I’m based in LA, and from here I travel my wholesale and retail accounts to help support and train the store teams in the MTM programme. When you’re part of a team, your success is based on collective achievements. And in my specific case, I think that diverse individuals I work with, open communication and, above all, strong relationships are the keys to our success.”
Lorenzo, Tailor - Italy
“In the Bespoke ateliers, we produce unique pieces of outstanding quality that are made entirely by hand using traditional techniques. I love my job because it allows me to create something of exceptional beauty with my hands. It’s an honour to be part of a historic and innovative company like Zegna, as it’s an opportunity to take these skills to the next level.”
Adriano, MTM & VIP Services Manager - Japan
“In January 2020, I celebrated my 10th anniversary with Zegna. During this amazing journey, I’ve worked in 3 markets: Italy, China and Japan. I’ve always been ready to take on new challenges as I knew I would be able to overcome them with the support of the company and my team. This support has also allowed me to realise the biggest accomplishment within my career thus far, leading our MTM & VIP business at a market level. I’m looking forward to the next decade, as I know my growth within the company isn’t finished!”
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