North America

Our relationship with North America (NORAM) is a long and important one. It extends back to our founder, Ermenegildo Zegna, who traversed the Atlantic in 1938 with the fabrics produced by his looms in Trivero under his arm and the names of New York’s finest Italian tailors in his pocket. ‘They are the ambassadors of our fabrics,’ he said.

While already an internationally successful company, this trip to New York began an important chapter in Zegna’s history; one that saw us grow and expand into the vertically-integrated company we are today. Our founder’s entrepreneurial spirit also persists. In 1983, Gildo, Ermenegildo’s grandson and our current CEO, toured the country to present Zegna’s ready-to-wear collection to speciality stores, establishing the longstanding relationships with retailers and clients that make America such a special market for our brand. This importance was marked by the formation of our subsidiary in 1975, a symbol of our enduring commitment.

Our activities in the NORAM region are all coordinated by our office in New York City. This office also supports our retail and sales channels in the USA and Canada, which includes over 20 of our own stores, as well as major wholesale accounts with department stores and specialty retailers. It’s a warm, welcoming working environment, with teams branching from Marketing and Merchandising to Human rRsources and Retail Operations.

Office Locations

The main office location and showroom for the NORAM region is based in:


New York City | 10 E 53rd Street | +1 212 246 2244

Recent Positions
By the Numbers
With a longstanding history and significant retail and wholesale presence, the NORAM region provides great opportunities to sharpen your skills, overcome complex challenges, as well as discover and grow.








"My impact goes far beyond my function, giving me the opportunity to contribute and influence numerous different projects. All these experiences are equipping me for my next step with Zegna in the future."
Teams in NORAM
Our teams in the NORAM region are made up of a wide range of roles, in areas such as Sales & Retail, Marketing & Customer Experience, Collection Merchandising and Support Functions. Learn more about some of these teams, the roles within them, and the incredible people who embody our hands-on, hearts-on, minds-on approach.
Sales & Retail Management
Sales Channels
Visual Merchandising
Marketing & Customer Experience
Buying & Retail Planning

NORAM Highlights

Learning every step of the way:
mastering your craft
Whether you’ve been with us for decades or have just joined, learning is fundamental to everything you will do at Zegna. In NORAM, we offer opportunities to master your craft through direct experience and online platforms. Practical, hands-on, and immediately applicable, these include coaching and mentoring, development and leadership training, global retail academies, product training and workshops, as well as on the job training. We want all our employees to be equipped with tools to advance in their careers so they can find their own path to excellence.
Proud legacy, vibrant future:
a fresh perspective
At Zegna, we look forward to the future while respecting our past. This year, 2020, represents the start of a new chapter for NORAM. Under the guidance of the NORAM executive team, the region is embarking on a three-year-long transformation that will see the continuation of the events that have defined us, including our Yearly Retail Management meeting and Excellence Club. It also includes the introduction of new activities, like our corporate and retail wellness initiatives, which will reinvigorate our colleagues and collaborators.
A special place
The USA holds a special place in our hearts. Our fabrics were introduced here by our founder Ermenegildo in 1938, and our ready-to-wear collections were introduced by Gildo Zegna, his grandson and our current CEO, in 1983. During our time in the USA, we have established longstanding relationships with both individuals and retailers. This is especially true of the specialty stores that stock our collections, where we are often their number one brand.
Naturally Zegna, authentically yourself:
strength in diversity
We have placed importance on the wellbeing of our employees since our inception; diversity and inclusion are natural extensions of this. As part of our company’s culture and business, they drive our success. Our employees help us to understand and appreciate the diversity of our customers. Our employees also help to nurture our talent. In creating an open, welcoming, and collaborative working environment, we create a community that includes everyone; a community that understands and respects colleagues, that supports them and enables them to grow.
Making an impact
Our work can be fast-paced and challenging, but at NORAM we do everything we can to ensure our employees have the opportunity to make an impact with their work. This includes learning initiatives, such as on-the-job training and exchange programmes, which allow you to learn new skills, make new connections, or even experience a new country. It also includes how we take care of our employees, from recognising and rewarding initiative to our open-door policy, which creates an open, collaborative environment where new ideas are welcomed.

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