Inside Zegna

Who We Are
The qualities and passion of our people are what drives Zegna. Our founder, Ermenegildo Zegna, understood that the quality he sought in his products couldn’t be separated from a positive relationship with the community. He also recognised that the wellbeing of our employees was central to our company’s long-term success. Collectively, we take pride in where we’ve been, but also in where we have yet to go. A future shaped by the experience, expertise, and integrity of every individual at Zegna.
Proud Legacy,
Vibrant Future
At Zegna, you can draw on our proud history and shape our ongoing success with your drive and ideas. We have continued to expand, innovate, and redefine the essence of quality since 1910. When you join Zegna, you join a market leader with a bright future. Does this sound like you?

"Our legacy and success are the product of the professionalism, skills, and passion of our entire team, not just those of one individual."

What We Do
Our teams are involved in everything, from the careful creation of each garment to the realisation of outstanding customer experience. Ours is a dynamic and constantly evolving environment, connecting people in various roles and realities, as well as offering an exceptional opportunity to learn.
Learning Every Step
of the Way
At Zegna, you can discover your own path to learning and excellence. We present opportunities to master your craft through every step in the fashion journey. The tenacious, hands-on, minds-on passion we dedicate to the many complex challenges our work involves will help you to sharpen your skills and realise your full potential. Does this sound like you?
"Zegna trusts me to deal with challenges and also accepts some of my imperfection. This gives me the confidence to focus on solving difficult situations and further our successes."
How We Do It
We have been guided by the values of creativity, authenticity, passion, accountability, excellence and entrepreneurship since our inception. As an international company, our success is driven by the diversity of our people, who are brought together by these common values. It means we work in harmony while contributing the unique ideas, skills and experience of our authentic selves.

Discover Our Values

We take ownership of our actions as role models who understand impact on others. We believe in impeccable execution as there is no better way to conduct ourselves.
Innovation and Creativity
We build on our rich heritage through constant innovation.
Taking the best from what has come before, we work as a team to develop and share ideas, finding new ways to cre​​​​ate value.
We are proud to be part of the Zegna Group. ​We earn people’s trust, with respect, inclusion, integrity.​ We work to create the environment we want.
We demand superior quality and deliver it in every detail, through every action. We see this in the unmatched expertise and craftsmanship that make us unique.​ This is how we aim at providing the best possible customer experience.
We are pioneers who embrace change, because this is how we build value for the future we want. ​
We constantly improve by taking risks and learning from our mistakes.
We love what we do and this inspires those around us. ​
We are proud to share our story and committed to developing it. We know that every task is important.
Naturally Zegna,
Authentically Yourself
We value the unique human touch every individual brings to our company and community at Zegna. Our legacy of care and respect for people and our environment are the foundation of our brand and business. Our openness to fresh ideas also means your contribution will be encouraged and recognised. Does this sound like you?

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