Our Europe, Middle East, and Latin America (EMEA-LATAM) region is a diverse, multicultural environment composed of 16 markets and over 750 employees. Geographically, it is our largest region, creating complex challenges that make full use of our knowledge and expertise, as well as the advantages of being a vertically-integrated company.

EMEA-LATAM’s core business is retail, which is coordinated from our headquarters in Milan. Our EMEA office, with assistance from regional offices in London, Paris, Munich, Barcelona, and Dubai, provides everything from marketing to operations to finance and customer service support to over 70 boutiques and 350 wholesale and franchise points of sale. Our LATAM main offices, which are located in Mexico City and São Paulo, look after our boutiques in Mexico and Brazil, as well as franchise partners in Argentina, Colombia, Chile and Panama.

EMEA-LATAM is a diverse and dynamic region, made up of individuals who combine the qualities of our European heritage, the future outlook of our outposts in the Middle East and the warmth of Latin America.

Office Locations

Our main office locations and showrooms in the EMEA-LATAM region are located in:


Milan | Via Savona 56 | +39 02 422091


México, CDMX | Monte Pelvoux 220, 5º Piso Col. Lomas de Chapultepec | +52 55403400


São Paulo | Dr. Renato Paes de Barros, 778, 6 andar, Itaim Bibi | +55 1130872501

Recent Positions
By the Numbers
Spanning multiple continents, the diversity and size of the EMEA-LATAM region provide great opportunities to sharpen your skills, overcome complex challenges, as well as discover and grow.








“I have the opportunity to work with people from different backgrounds and I have always found it an excellent opportunity to ‘tap into’ that extra something.”

Our teams in the EMEA-LATAM region are made up of a wide range of roles, in areas such as Sales & Retail, Marketing & Customer Experience, Merchandising, and Visual Merchandising. Learn more about some of these teams, the roles within them and the incredible people who embody our hands-on, hearts-on, minds-on approach.
Sales & Retail Management
Sales Channels
Made To Measure & Bespoke
Visual Merchandising
Marketing & Customer Experience
Buying & Retail Planning

EMEA-LATAM Highlights

Learning every step of the way:
the tools to succeed
We are committed to helping our employees find their own path to excellence. This is done through everything from leadership and development programmes to on-the-job training, as well as technology, which shortens distances while maintaining the essence of the experience we want to convey. Training for our retail teams, for instance, is supported by our global academies, which provide valuable information about our collections, helping our customer advisors become specialists in their field. Our office employees participate in communication, problem-solving, and people management courses to further develop their skills so that they’re able to manage complexity and better facilitate their work. It’s an engaging environment, one where you can gain the practical skills, knowledge, and expertise for you to excel and to grow.
Making an impact
Our work can be fast-paced and challenging, but in EMEA-LATAM we do everything we can to ensure our employees have the opportunity to make an impact with their work. Our open-door policy creates a dynamic and collaborative environment that welcomes new ideas. The diverse perspectives of our teams are greatly valued. They’re also well supported by our dedicated intranet communities, where people at all levels can share their ideas, local initiatives, and ‘fun’ daily moments, as well as by our periodic meetings, which encourage innovation through brainstorming.
Coming together:
Sharing our success
Our success in EMEA-LATAM is shared with our staff, as well as with our wider Zegna family. In our interconnected, constantly-changing world, each action, be it in Barcelona or Dubai or Mexico City, contributes to our company. It’s why we make a point of celebrating store openings, special events, team achievements, and important anniversaries. Either in-store or online, these moments bring us closer together and remind us of the values we share.
Creating a better tomorrow:
Mexico Escuelita Zegna Partnership
Our legacy of care and respect for our people and the environment is the foundation of Zegna’s brand and business. We are a value-driven company, which supports its staff and their communities. In EMEA-LATAM, our Escuelita Zegna partnership – established in Mexico – does just that. It gives adolescents who are suffering from social abandonment the opportunity to develop both personally and professionally through tailoring. Learning this disciplined yet creative craft provides them with the skills and self-confidence needed for everyday life.
Coming together:
What makes you, makes Zegna
Finding moments to come together and have fun feeds the passion we dedicate to our work. In EMEA-LATAM, we regularly come together to recognise the contribution, achievements, and important milestones of our colleagues through awards and special programmes. We come together to get to know each other better, which is the purpose of our team building activities. And we come together to celebrate our cultural heritage, participating in the local festivities that make our region so diverse.

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