Milan, 25th August 2020 - What does it mean to be a man today? This question has been guiding everything we do since 1910. At Zegna, social and environmental responsibility is in our roots, and today, 110 years since our founding, we are reaffirming our commitment to the natural world. When we were founded, Ermenegildo Zegna’s dream was not just to create the world’s finest textiles but to make his hometown – and the world around it – a better place, ensuring the highest quality without compromising the quality of life for future generations. Today we follow our founder’s dream and continue to stand for this.

2020 marks our 110th anniversary by exploring the concept of legacy: how we honour the legacy of our founder, and how we plant seeds today that will make a better world tomorrow. We also ask our global community: what will your legacy be? This continues a conversation about modern masculinity that we began in Fall 2019 and continued in Spring 2020. We have explored the values that guide the contemporary masculine mindset. We have discussed the responsibilities that lie across our generation’s shoulders.
Now we must look to the future. Believing that our actions today will impact our tomorrow, we use this moment in history to consider what our legacy will be for future generations.

This starts with our approach to sustainability. Our founder Ermenegildo Zegna ignited our lifelong protection of the environment when he began planting more than 500,000 trees starting in the 1930s. Driven by a deep sense of giving back, his reforestation project transformed the landscape surrounding Ermenegildo Zegna wool mill into a 100 km2 nature reserve that is today known as OASI Zegna.

This season, carrying our founder’s commitment to the planet forward, we ask our community to join us as we take care of the world for the next generation. With the Fall 2020 campaign we invite people to be part of Zegna Forest and become an active supporter of OASI Zegna.

As a token of our shared promise to the environment, making digital what is physical, through the new, just launched (see notes following), everyone can buy an engraved wooden heart that is the sign of our contribution to the ecosystem. Expertly crafted from Italian trees, fallen naturally or cut down for security reasons, the wooden hearts symbolize our legacy and love for the land. With them we celebrate our anniversary. With them our community takes part to our world: OASI Zegna

Our commitment also continues with #UseTheExisting, our vision for sustainable luxury. Across tailoring and leisurewear, Zegna uses pre-existing and post-consumer fibres that are reworked for a new life in a #UseTheExisting garment. Much like our evolving ideas about masculinity, this is about reinvention and also makes the dream of zero waste possible.

In an ever-changing world, companies can simply adapt to changes or choose to be a positive force in driving these changes. Our responsibility is to leverage our past to build a better present and future. This carries over into everything that we do, from the technology we use to create our products to the conversations we have with our clients on how the world is changing.

Together we can build a better future.


At Zegna the digitalization process continues incessantly.
Optimised for mobile, the new, just launched, offers a tailored and more immersive experience with a host of features that redefine luxury online shopping.

Increasingly omnichannel and reconceived as a new kind of flagship store, is a digital boutique where customers will find the same luxury aesthetic and world-class customer service that they expect at our stores worldwide. New services are featured such as ‘book an appointment’, ‘reserve and try in store’. In a much more sustainable approach as well, the new website is designed to make customer’s orders to be picked up from the global monobrand network throughout advanced distribution models. Customers can now shop full looks and seamlessly book in-store services such as alterations, customisation product reservations or made-to-measure appointments. The experience is bookended with a simpler login process and more payment options at checkout, including Paypal, WeChat Pay and Alipay.

Zegna’s goal is to create the best luxury online experience and place it at our customers’ fingertips. features responsive design and adaptive pages that automatically resize to fit the customer’s device and browser. A streamlined shopping experience follows with intuitive navigation, ultra-fast page loading and improved search functionality.
To encourage meaningful dialogue with our customers, the new is an engaging place that blends shopping and storytelling, with sitewide video integration and the launch of Zegna World as well as the newly re-designed that enhances the brand values. embodies the brand costant reaserch for innovation while keeping alive the company founder’s legacy. The new site infact supports the reforestation of OASI Zegna, with the Zegna Forest project, offering to all customers to buy a wooden heart and contribute to grow a plant for the benefit of the planet. And being part of who we are.