Retail Planning & Buying

Our Retail Planning & Buying teams are critical to our commercial success.

The Retail Planning team uses its insight into trends and market demands to determine the volume of products created for each collection. They also sustain product category and collection consistency across different channels and stores.

While the Buying team uses its insight into local customer requirements and trends to customise collection assortment depth, according to budget allocations. Thanks to their strong analytical and business acumen, as well as their fashion sensibility, these teams ensure that the right product is in the right market for the right customer at the right time.

Recent Positions
"To me, working at Zegna is like working for my own company. There’s a strong entrepreneurial spirit that always pushes you to do better for the company’s success, not just for your own interests."
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As an HQ Junior Buying Analyst, you’ll use your fashion sensibility and analytical mind to support the merchandising of our seasonal collections. It’s a role that will see you work across teams, integrating both qualitative and quantitative data to build collections that respond to existing and emerging trends while supporting our overarching goals.


Our HQ Retail Planners are responsible for both forecasting our collection sales and managing stock allocation throughout our retail network in response to sell-through and sales targets. You’ll need to possess an analytical approach, be forward-thinking, and have experience in financial planning to ensure that garments move seamlessly from production to stores to our customers.


As the Head of Planning, you’ll use your excellent managerial and analytical skills to define and coordinate worldwide planning and distribution activities. Working closely with the markets, you’ll also be responsible for building an integrated and global process to optimise sales and stock flow and support the buying team by providing ongoing insight and strategic recommendations. This will be made possible by your project management and people skills as well as your vision and understanding of styles and trends, which will help to ensure the needs of our customers are met.


As a Merchandiser, you’ll be responsible for buying activities for the stores within your assigned market. Using strong communication, strategic, and analytical skills, as well as an understanding of product and our industry, you’ll also help to monitor sales and inventory; identify business development opportunities; develop range plans for specific regions, markets or stores; and support the Retail, CRM, and Visual Merchandising teams.


Our Merchandising Managers work in collaboration with the Buying & Retail Planning teams to define and execute a merchandising strategy within a specific region. This means aligning the overarching seasonal merchandising strategy with the stores’ budget elaboration and assortment plan, so they support the local markets. It’s a complex, dynamic role for those with a passion for people and for building relationships.

Marta, Retail Planner - Italy
"What I like most about my job is that I get to collaborate with different departments and individuals, including the Buying, Finance, Supply Chain, and Customer Service teams. It’s given me the opportunity to learn and take inspiration from passionate people with different backgrounds, as well as understand different processes and challenge myself."
Valentina, Head of Retail Planning - Italy
"I truly believe that diversity improves a business, and I think that at Zegna this is one of the key factors of our success. There is an attitude to listen and find a common language, to facilitate partnerships between the people you work with. It’s been central to my experience at Zegna and the source of my personal satisfaction. I cherish the relationships that I’ve I built with my team and my colleagues."
Goto, Merchandising Manager – Japan
"Although I’m in charge of merchandising, my work goes far beyond it. As part of my role as a member of the Japanese executive team, I constantly take opportunities to learn from other functions through daily participation in business decisions. I have learnt that our people are one of the most important assets and we need to continually invest in them."
Marco, Accessories & Licensing Buyer - EMEA
“Being part of the Merchandising team means you never stop exploring, studying, planning and deepening your market knowledge in order to know which product worked in the past, which one works today and which one will work in the future. The ultimate goal is delighting our customers, which is a very challenging but also stimulating objective. I often have the chance to brainstorm ideas with people outside my own professional scope. It makes Zegna an enriching and thought-provoking working environment. The most important lesson I’ve learnt is that results and success are not handed to you on a platter. It takes time, effort and dedication to achieve success. It’s important to always stay committed to your goals, even when the going gets tough. That’s how you can last for 110 years while continuing to grow and evolve."
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