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Our customers are our most important stakeholders and our Retail Management teams make sure they are expertly taken care of in our stores around the world. We strive to create a personal, luxury experience for each individual, which encompasses everything from how our stores are managed to how we build a wardrobe around each customer’s lifestyle. This includes our in-store team, who possess the utmost sensitivity and sense of hospitality. They are guided and supported by the strategy and leadership of area, regional and central retail managers as well as the guidelines and tools of the Retail Operation team, who ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of our daily operations.
Together, these teams endeavour to create the ultimate customer experience, one that aims to surprise and delight with each interaction.

Recent Positions

"We often work towards the achievement of common goals, leaving aside the formal aspect of roles. This creates an important sense of belonging to a single great team."

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The responsibilities of our Retail Directors are two-fold. They collaborate directly with other teams within the company to ensure that we deliver the ultimate retail experience to our customers. They also work directly with our regions and stores, developing operational guidelines and tools, as well as providing training and support for staff. If you have a strong motivational, leadership, and communications skills, this role may be the right fit for you.


As an Area Manager, you’ll be responsible for implementing our overarching vision in a specific market. You’ll also play an important leadership role, using your strong initiative and people skills to develop in-store teams, foster long-term relationships with clients, and support stores in driving sales through localised strategies and action plans.


Our store managers support both our brand and our business objectives. Dynamic and inspiring leaders, these customer-centric individuals ensure our values can be found in each interaction with staff and clients. They’re also business-minded, working directly with Area Managers to define plans that drive sales, motivate and engage our talented staff, and improve operations.


Our Customer Advisors bring a human touch to the luxury experience. As the day-to-day touchpoint for our customers, you’ll shape their perception of our brand by providing a service that is as personal as it is exceptional. Sharing our rich heritage and the stories behind our collections, you’ll also create an atmosphere of energy and passion for the Zegna brand, ensuring our proud legacy and continued growth.

Kevin, Retail Director - China
“My scope and responsibility have evolved and changed every 2-3 years, allowing me to grow from a front line Sales Associate to the Retail Function Head for China. I feel lucky to work for such an excellent company, one where I have consistently received coaching and development opportunities from my line managers, allowing me to grow and refine my leadership skills. I’ve experienced a lot of challenges in my 22 years; however, I have never stopped learning or missed an opportunity to grow as they’ve come along."
Serena, Store Manager - Italy
“I love my job at Zegna because it gives me the opportunity to work across a range of different areas while supported by highly-trained, passionate people. The company’s values and its DNA have also been excellent teachers, and I’ve been able to incorporate them into my everyday work as well as in my relationships with our customers and the team management.”
Sidney, Retail Manager – Latin America
“I joined Zegna 12 years ago as a Customer Advisor, and have had the opportunity to explore different positions in visuals, buyer, store manager. Currently, I’m based in Mexico as Retail Manager for LATAM. I’ve learned a lot at Zegna, how to be proactive, how to multi-task. But maybe the most challenging and most important is active listening. It makes all the difference. We start to listen to understand instead of listening to reply. We get to solutions faster and gain credibility with our teams.”
Deeb, Assistant Store Manager - Australia
"Family values are the very foundation of our company’s culture, inspiring me to be the best version of myself when I'm representing the brand.I relate with our brand values and can see myself in a successful and rewarding career with Zegna in the long term. I appreciate that my worth is measured by my hard work and enthusiasm and not by things I cannot control, such as my background. That gives me a sense of being included and stable. When I look back I’m proud of how much progress and growth I have achieved, and when I look forward, I see a very rewarding journey coming ahead."
Byron, Customer Advisor and MTM Specialist - USA
“I get the privilege of selling a really extraordinary collection of artisanal garments to some very special people, some of the most successful people in the world, and I have the opportunity to make suggestions to make each person’s wardrobe uniquely theirs. At Zegna, I’ve learned that the pursuit of excellence is a habit that is never-ending. Although you may reach one milestone, there’s always the opportunity to go further. I am passionate about working for Zegna because the company was built on being the best that there is. Teamwork is the key to everything in the company, from the tailor beautifully altering an extraordinary garment to another colleague in another store making sure the client receives just what he wanted, as he expects in a timely fashion. There is nothing that happens without your colleagues. The most important thing is the way we support each other. It feels like a family.”
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