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Our Content Brand Marketing team brings our brand’s story to life. From initial concept to final post, they define our global marketing strategy, create all the content for our channels and platforms and drive brand performance through analysis and touchpoint integration. Using their creativity and critical thinking, as well as their solid understanding of innovative technologies, this globally spread team, tells our story, expands our brand awareness and inspires our clients.

Our central Content Brand Marketing team, which is split between our offices in Milan and London, defines our overarching image and strategy. While our teams across the regions adapt these to the needs and culture of local markets.

Recent Positions

"Each day has new exciting challenges, which pushes me to move ahead."

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As a Marketing Manager in one of our regions, you’ll work closely with internal business owners to develop customer-centric campaigns that promote brand awareness and drive strategic growth. These cover a broad spectrum of marketing and communications activities, from above-the-line brand awareness campaigns and retail marketing to CRM and clientele initiatives and our customer loyalty and retention programmes. It’s a role that requires strong quantitative skill sets and creative out-of-the-box thinking.

Denisse, Marketing & CRM Manager LATAM, México
“Zegna is a company that allows you to connect with different people across the world, and not only your counterparts, but also people in different functions in the company. I am happy to have connected with different people who have, in some way, planted a seed in me. I have learned to be resilient; retail is like that. You need to be open and adapt to changes. And something that I keep saying to myself is to continue focusing on the details. Retail is detail.”
Giuseppe, Head of Marketing & CRM EMEA and LATAM, Italy
“I joined Zegna three years ago as in a role bridging between the market and HQ. My responsibility is to cascade from the top down all the global strategies, localising them and making them relevant for local cultures. And the other way around, my scope is also to communicate from the bottom up what is relevant for one market and needs to be heard at the HQ level. At Zegna, you see people of all levels acting as though there is only one level; I think this is the most engaging thing as an employee. You really feel part of the family in the most positive way.”

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