Our Road

Ermenegildo Zegna Group
The road ahead that Ermenegildo Zegna Group keeps following originated in 1910. Physically and passionately, we are still journeying down the 232 Road our founder built over 110 years ago in Piedmont, Northern Italy, which at the time was no more than barren rocks and one man’s unwavering dream for the future. His road was made up of ideas and principles, of the very fabric of tomorrow. This road is our inspiration as it defines our path, woven into everything we do by echoing the essential truth of our founder. It is OUR ROAD TO TOMORROW.

Our founder not only built one of Italy’s most successful family companies, but along the way he built a community around his wool mill and planted the Oasi Zegna nature territory sprawling 100 km2, on what was once a near lifeless mountainside, establishing a legacy of environmental protection and sustainability. He built a new kind of ethical entrepreneurship and an ethos of giving back. Every day since, the road he paved has guided our responsible development, having steadily evolved from a superior wool fabric producer to a global luxury group, encompassing the brands Zegna and Thom Browne, and a Luxury Textile Laboratory Platform, an unrivalled textile manufacturing division, fostering the best Italian fabrics through the preservation of precious Italian artisanal mills as well as Cappellificio Cervo.
Our Road is a powerful symbol for the Ermenegildo Zegna Group. It charts our history and our mission, entwined in progressive ideas. It always looks forward, forging a future that is worthy of our dreams, while also leaving a path that others might follow, purposefully enabling our community with a shared mindset. Led by Gildo Zegna as Chairman and CEO, the Group designs, creates and distributes luxury menswear and accessories under the Zegna brand and womenswear, menswear and accessories under the Thom Browne brand.
Gildo Zegna, Chairman and CEO of Ermenegildo Zegna Group
"Our Road began with a vision and a dream of a man, my grandfather, who transformed ideas into fabrics, weaving a forest, a community and a new style of life. Inspired by the journey he traveled so far, we move forward on Our Road to Tomorrow”
The founder’s mission, passed on from one generation to the next with visionary entrepreneurial finesse, is to create beautiful things of the finest quality applying a responsible approach to production. In this sense, superb fabrics, impeccable clothing and outstanding accessories come together to preserve a unique ecosystem.
Our Road to Tomorrow
At Ermenegildo Zegna Group, innovation meets belief, seamlessly, in a powerhouse based fundamentally on the stronghold of human force and run on the principle that industrial activities should not harm the environment, to create a lifestyle which marches to the rhythm of the modern times while nurturing a bond to the natural world for a better present and future.
Vertically integrated and with a widening span of activities, the Group is based on a fearless vision and a quest for innovation, fostering beauty as a value. Investing in a culture of beauty means promoting knowledge, a social capital of relations and trust, but also the symbolic capital of identity and recognizability. Beauty, for Zegna Group, is instrumental in generating new thought, in creating connections and dialogue, in producing values shared collectively and internationally. It is the fuel that ultimately activates movement on this road, on OUR ROAD TO TOMORROW.

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