Ermenegildo Zegna Group strengthens its luxury textile division with the acquisition of the majority stake in Tessitura Ubertino, a company specialized in high-end fabrics for women, based in Pratrivero, Valdilana, Biella.

The acquisition of historic Italian companies - Bonotto, Dondi and Tessitura di Novara – each one with a specialization in a particular sector has allowed the Group to set up, together with Lanificio Zegna, a unique luxury textile division aimed to create unparalleled quality textile products while preserving the specificities, know-how and craftsmanship of Made in Italy.

“This new acquisition of Tessitura Ubertino adds a new element to our luxury textile division which is represented by the finest companies in our country, each one with its own specialization in high-end fabrics. We have always believed in the 'Italian Fashion Industry' supply chain for which it represents a very important asset", says Gildo Zegna, CEO of the Group.

Tessitura Ubertino is a boutique weaving mill that has been creating premium quality fabrics for women, such as tweed and jacquard, for over 30 years. The company founded in 1981 by Adalgiso Ubertino, is now managed by his sons Alberto and Paolo who have made their creations known to the world’s most important luxury brands.

"Zegna Group is a global leader in luxury menswear and one of the major players as a textile hub of excellence. By sharing the same roots and the tradition in the highest quality fabrics it has been natural to sign this agreement, to give a new impulse to our company and to reach out new goals at the same time. Pearls, ribbons, sequins, fancy yarns, lots of color and great attention to detais, since its inception in the 1980s, Tessitura Ubertino developed as a real research laboratory on fabrics where innovation and creativity have been put at the service of leading international luxury and women's fashion houses. We are confident that together with Zegna Group we will successfully face every new challenge that the market will require”, affirms Alberto Ubertino, Creative Director of Tessitura Ubertino and Co-CEO of the company together with his brother Paolo.

The newly signed agreement envisages that Zegna Group has acquired the 60% majority stake in Tessitura Ubertino, while the Ubertino brothers keep the 40% stake and maintain responsibility for both management and creative direction.