The future of luxury clienteling
A new digital ecosystem that personalizes luxury shopping experience using Artificial Intelligence

Milan, April 17th 2023 – Today, ZEGNA has showcased its new Zegna X solution announced in March that integrates Microsoft Azure services. The union of the best back-end data and tools with the power of Microsoft technology, combined with the highest quality and most realistic configurator ever created, is allowing customers to have a truly unique shopping experience. ZEGNA has set for itself the challenge and opportunity to elevate the future of retail based on the highest level of one-on-one service, using new technologies to provide the most personalized experience ever.

ZEGNA shares Microsoft's focus on customer-centric solutions which aligns perfectly with ZEGNA's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. The use of CRM and Marketing Automation from Microsoft Dynamics 365 help to streamline processes and improve overall efficiency, all while providing a high-quality customer experience.

Over the years, ZEGNA has collaborated with Microsoft to leverage a range of solutions from the Microsoft Cloud to support its priorities and development. Starting with the productivity suite that combines the communication features of Microsoft Teams with the collaboration, sharing and co-author capabilities of Microsoft 365, resulting in an overall increase of staff productivity by 5%. Additionally, the use of Microsoft Dynamics 365 as a CRM solution helps ZEGNA to deliver more personalized customer experiences, while the adoption of Azure Data Lake as a platform for customer segmentation and targeting will enable personalized user journeys that can boost customer experience. Finally, the shift to the Microsoft Azure Cloud computing platform as the primary platform for data center hosting is a strategic move, as it will increase efficiency by 25% by deploying and managing new software, while reducing the ZEGNA’s carbon footprint given that all the infrastructure will be powered by renewable energy by 2025.

ZEGNA X presently accounts for more than 45% of ZEGNA boutiques’ revenues in geographies in which normal travel and movement have resumed post-COVID. As of today, ZEGNA X is being fully incorporated beyond the pilot program. This service has and will continue to empower our style advisors to serve our customers on a one-on-one basis by allowing them to send images of our products via SMS, e-mail, social media, WhatsApp, and WeChat.

ZEGNA believe that the collaboration with Microsoft will lead to groundbreaking innovations in luxury service. With this shared belief in mind, today, ZEGNA is announcing the strengthening of this collaboration with the aim of further exploring the power of AI in the service of luxury retail and ultimately elevating the path for today and tomorrow. The goal for ZEGNA is to empower and transform its organization to achieve the perfect service in luxury, affirming its leading position in digital clienteling.
The two companies are creating a joint steering committee to combine the related expertise to shape the current and future technological innovation provided by Microsoft for ZEGNA needs, and to deliver new solutions and services that aimed to become in the future new industry standards.

Edoardo Zegna, Chief Marketing, Digital and Sustainability Officer of ZEGNA, said: “Today represents another important milestone for ZEGNA and the future of luxury is clienteling. In 2022 ZEGNA boosted its investment in customer-driven-technologies, allocating more than €5 million to the ZEGNA X ecosystem. We will continue to increase investment in this direction in 2023 with other new developments. We are proud to set a new benchmark for the ultimate level of luxury clienteling, connecting data through AI, personal storytelling and product creation. ZEGNA X is our unique value proposition, and we are proud to have Microsoft as our partner on this journey.”

Nina Lund, EMEA Region, Retail and CG Lead at Microsoft Corp. added, “At the heart of our mission is to help our customers empower their people and to accelerate new business models. The collaboration with ZEGNA led to the ambition to re-define together a future vision, blending craftmanship from ZEGNA with the best technology offered by Microsoft. This journey allowed ZEGNA to leverage leading edge cloud solutions to reinvent their operations, from the employee experience through to the stores. Together, Microsoft and ZEGNA are poised to redefine the art of the possible at the intersection of fashion and technology.”

ZEGNA is proud to announce that the ZEGNA X full experience will go live as of April 18, 2023, in an exclusive room at its Milan Montenapoleone Flagship store. Currently over-subscribed by our loyal clientele for the next several months, the experience continues to be available by appointment only. The ZEGNA X configurator will be deployed in select stores worldwide as part of an exclusive roadshow. Together with our Made to Measure service, ZEGNA X combines the best of art and science. Art is synonymous with the craft of our tailors, who provide unmatched Italian expertise and taste. Initially, the science is 49 billion potential combinations of clothes and styles that can be custom-made and delivered worldwide in less than four weeks. Starting today, our style advisors around the world will be able to take advantage of ZEGNA X to contact their customers and suggest the best styling options based on their individual tastes and requirements. In 2024 ZEGNA X configurator will land on, allowing consumers to customise any look of the collection online using their personal devices.

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