Marketing & Customer Experience

We tell our stories through more than just garments. Our Marketing & Customer Experience teams ensure that our journey is reflected in every touchpoint, from our campaigns and social media posts to how we delight customers in-store and online. We strive to create an inspiring and unique connection with each client, a true luxury experience that speaks authentically to our proud history and vibrant future.

Most of these teams are based at our our global headquarters in Milan. The CRM and Content Brand Marketing teams, however, are present globally. Those at our headquarters define Zegna’s brand image and overarching strategy, while those in the regions collect market insight and adapt the central strategy to meet the needs and cultures of local markets.

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Advertising & Media Planning
Our Advertising & Media Planning team works to enhance the global awareness of our company through worldwide media. They create and produce advertising campaigns, define media buying, and monitor implementation to ensure our brand is consistent and positioned correctly across markets.
If you possess creativity, as well as strong communication and organisational skills, this team may be the right fit for you.
Customer Relationship Management
Our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) team plays an key role in deepening, strengthening, and maintaining the longstanding relationships we’ve built with our customers. Working alongside the Retail & Omnichannel teams, they provide us with the necessary insight and analysis to define our marketing strategy and, importantly, better serve our customers. We aim to surprise and delight our customers. And this essential information is used to drive the constant improvement of our products and our customer journey so that every interaction is connected and seamless.
(PR & Events)
As a member of the Communications team, you’ll use your strong interpersonal and creative skills to protect and promote our company and brand in the global press. This includes working with editors in leading fashion and business magazines, creating a buzz amongst influencers and celebrities, as well as organising fashion shows and other important events. It’s a high-energy, highly-demanding environment that plays an essential role in ensuring our passion and excellence are conveyed clearly and effectively.
Omnichannel and
At Zegna, the customer is at the heart of everything we do. Our Omnichannel & E-commerce teams work to create a seamless experience across all touchpoints, including physical and digital. As a member of this team, you’ll work with quantitative and qualitative insights to ensure each customer interaction feels like an individually-tailored experience. If you've got excellent people skills, are a critical thinker, and data-driven, our Omnichannel and E-Commerce team may be the right fit for you.
Licensing & Partnerships
In addition to the core products that form our collections, we create items such as eyewear, fragrances, underwear, and beachwear under the Zegna name. We also partner with leading luxury brands, combining their unique characteristics with our know-how and expertise to produce collections that both excite our customers and continue our commitment to excellence. These are looked after by the Licensing & Partnerships team, who work with our external partners to ensure these products meet our discerning standards and align with our brand’s values. As a member of this team, you’ll make use of your strong interpersonal, organisational, and negotiation skills, as well as your entrepreneurial mindset.
Content Brand Marketing
Our Content Brand Marketing team brings our brand’s story to life. From initial concept to final post, they define our global marketing strategy, create all the content for our channels and platforms and drive brand performance through analysis and touchpoint integration. Using their creativity and critical thinking, as well as their solid understanding of innovative technologies, this globally spread team, tells our story, expands our brand awareness and inspires our clients.

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