Manage & Support

Our Manage & Support teams ensure that everything runs smoothly. They ensure that people and processes are all heading in the right direction, that complex challenges are overcome, and that all our teams contribute to the growth and evolution of our company. In addition to supporting our staff, our Human Resources, Finance, Legal, and IT teams also take strategic decisions about how we operate as a business today, and where our business will be tomorrow. They are present at our headquarters in Milan as well as in the regions.

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Human Resources
Great companies are made of great people. It’s why our Human Resources team is integrated into all aspects of our business so that we can attract and retain the brightest talent, support our teams in a day-to-day context, and ensure the needs of our global staff are met and respected.
Our Finance team acts as a strategic partner to every team in our business. These individuals provide the essential financial information and insight that influences everything from our ability to acquire the absolute finest raw materials to how our executive team navigates our fast-paced, dynamic industry.
Information Technology
As a member of our Information Technology team you’ll use your analytical and problem-solving skills, as well as adept project management ability, to help develop and implement our IT strategy across our various offices, manufacturing partners, and commercial regions. This includes ensuring a sound infrastructure that supports our needs as a business, as well as innovating new solutions so that our databases and networks run both smoothly and securely.
Legal & Intellectual Property
Our Legal & Intellectual Property teams ensure that our brand and our staff are protected across the globe. They also make sure that the way we do business complies with local laws, and that our patents, trademarks, copyrights, and licenses are kept safe. If you’re extremely detail-oriented and exhibit exceptional communication skills, this may be the team for you.
Image & Social Impact
As a member of our Image & Social Impact team, you’ll be responsible for managing and supporting our Corporate Social Responsibility activities, continuing the values, philosophy and vision of our founder. Being part of this team will require you to use your strong project management, interpersonal and communication skills as you support the creation of projects, exhibitions, publications, events and other activities that showcase our continued commitment towards individuals, communities and the environment.
Store Planning
Clothing isn’t the only way we express ourselves. Our stores are an essential part of how we share our proud history and communicate what we stand for. As a member of the Store Planning team, you’ll be responsible for creating these inspirational environments, from concept to completion. It’s a role that requires architectural or engineering skills, project management, creativity, attention to detail, and industry knowledge, as well as a deep understanding of our customers.
Property Management & General Services
As a member of the Property Management & General Services team, you’ll use your strong negotiation and organisational skills to ensure the strategic management of our retail assets, as well as the efficient and timely execution of any administrative or contractual duties. You’ll also be responsible for the planning and realisation of maintenance activities to ensure the value of these assets is maintained over time.

"The autonomy you’re given is high, as are the expectations."

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